[emailed reference from a client who hired me to tell stories about turning points in women’s lives at her friend’s daughter’s baby shower. The group ranged in age from 28 to 88.]

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dear Ruth,

Actually, your presence and storytelling exceeded my vision!!  Wasn’t it wonderful when S. said, “These are the things I cannot get anyone to discuss with me.  No one wants to talk about them.”?  You spoke to the truth and the heart of this chapter in women’s lives.  I was inspired by the stories you selected that so eloquently presented the possibilities of women resolving seemingly impossible dilemmas using one’s own resources and knowing to create the relationships and life one envisions and desires.  Everyone commented about you and what you bring to a gathering personally.  They were enchanted with your storytelling, an art with which they were all unfamiliar.

L. was so grateful and taken with your sensitivity to her Mom and the grace with which you allowed her to be part of the process in a way that was perfectly comfortable for her.

I do thank you for the honor of choosing to be here with us for L’s baby shower.  You truly touched and informed each one of us.

With great appreciation,

Marilyn R.
San Jose, CA

Marilyn R., Baby Shower Hostess