Tape Cover-003

My audio recording, She Set Out to Seek Her Fortune, was named one of the “Best Children’s Audio of the Past 25 Years” and won a Parents’ Choice Gold Award.

Listen to a sample or purchase the whole album at CD Baby.

About The Stories:

  • A Conversation in Signs: A single conversation can mean VERY different things to different people, as my version of this well-traveled folktale shows.
  • The Princess on the Glass Hill: An adaptation of a Norse folktale about a princess and a shepherd who each seek to live on their own terms.
  • The Girl Who Wanted to Learn How to Shiver: An adaptation of an English folktale, this story explores how life would be if we weren’t afraid of ANYTHING.
  • Purple Styrofoam (Improvised story): A live, interactive story based on the lively imaginations of the six children in the studio.

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